Michael Kanu, Pastor
Bo, Sierra Leone  
Phone: 011-232-7662-6529

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Capital: Freetown

Motto: "Unity, Freedom, Justice"

Official language: English

National language: Krio

Population: 6,440,053

Area: 27,699 sq mi

GDP Per Capita: $900

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pastor and wife
Rev Michael Kanu, Foundr/Director of Zion Ministries and his wife, Cynthia Kanu, Midwife, Nurse, Public Health Ministry Manager


A Christian based organization working with local communities to enhance transformation of the lives of vulnerable community people through the provision of humanitarian and community development services


Build wholesome and sustainable community by responding to the spiritual, the socio-economic and the emotional needs and realities; and the risks facing its people more especially the women and the children


To see our target communities provided with basic facilities and opportunities aimed at improving their living standards and gaining self sustainability





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