Michael Kanu, Pastor
Bo, Sierra Leone  
Phone: 011-232-7662-6529

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Capital: Freetown

Motto: "Unity, Freedom, Justice"

Official language: English

National language: Krio

Population: 6,440,053

Area: 27,699 sq mi

GDP Per Capita: $900

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Spiritual Development

Zion Ministries is a church-based organization, dedicated to supporting all members of Bo and the surrounding communities through compassionate and focused social service provision in the areas of health, education and the like. With great local sensitivity and community involvement, Zion Ministries strives to:
  • Deliver its spiritual message by engaging in evangelical programs in and around Bo

  • Mobilizing, training, equipping and sending out church workers for the “harvest hour” (School Of Ministries with its auxiliary School of Ministries’ Mobile School)
  • 2010 Graduates released into His harvest
    2010 Graduates released into His harvest

  • Planting and establishing churches. It have planted and established over about a dozen churches in the Bo community and beyond
  • Dedicating a baby at church
    Dedicating a baby at church

  • Developing and promoting Christian counseling activities in the war-torn and traumatized communities

  • Prison , Hospital and Home Fellowships

  • In partnership with other evangelistic institutions

  • Touching the poor and the suffering people with the compassion of Jesus Christ and inviting them to become His followers

Develop pastor and church-related work to involve community organizing for local and regional initiatives, assisting families in need, providing counsel, connecting people to appropriate resources (health, education, etc.) and strengthening community unity.
  • The School of Ministry in Bo (now the School of Bible and Missions) trains future religious and community leaders, focusing on rural communities.

  • Two study programs are offered through The School of Ministry: a Certificate in Ministry and a Diploma in Theology.







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