Michael Kanu, Pastor
Bo, Sierra Leone  
Phone: 011-232-7662-6529

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Capital: Freetown

Motto: "Unity, Freedom, Justice"

Official language: English

National language: Krio

Population: 6,440,053

Area: 27,699 sq mi

GDP Per Capita: $900

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In order to achieve its social mission, Zion Ministries is focused on developing revenue-generating projects in order to ensure long term financial sustainability and organizational self sufficiency. A one of the income-generating projects we are working on is the Love Bakery, a bread bakery which will employ local community members as bakers and businesspeople. Love Bakery is so named for the selfless compassion the people of Bo show one another, even in the face of difference and hardship. Through the region of Bo is home to people of many different religious persuasions and cultural/ethnic origins, love is the underlying motivation that supports the work for social good being enacted in the region.

The bread baked at Love Bakery will be supplied to Zion Ministries' orphanages, churches and schools, as well as sold to the community at large. The profits associated with this venture will not only cover operational costs for the bakery itself, but will be returned to the health and education projects that Zion operates as a resource strategy for sustainability and self-sufficiency. The benefits of this project are beyond food and revenue; the project ensures the provision of an important commercial entity, which will employ local community members as staff, and promises to foster a sense of community, pride and achievement.



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