Michael Kanu, Pastor
Bo, Sierra Leone  
Phone: 011-232-7662-6529

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Capital: Freetown

Motto: "Unity, Freedom, Justice"

Official language: English

National language: Krio

Population: 6,440,053

Area: 27,699 sq mi

GDP Per Capita: $900

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In Sierra Leone, the government is mandated to provide six years of free primary education and three years of junior secondary education for all children. Unfortunately, a shortage of school facilities and trained teachers has made the implementation of this goal unachievable. In the past, indicators reflecting the education level of the general public have been bleak with two thirds of the adult population being illiterate. During the Sierra Leone Civil War, over 1000 schools were destroyed and close to 70% of school-eligible children were out of the system. At present, the circumstances have become more hopeful and promising with primary school enrollment doubling between 2001 and 2005 as well as the reconstruction of many schools equipped with the instruction to provide free and compulsory education.

Zion Ministries has committed to supporting educational advancement in Sierra Leone through the establishment of primary school institutions in two regions: Bandawa and Bo. Both schools deliver functional and effective educational services to destitute students free of charge.

Rural Schools for Boys and Girls

Education is central to poverty reduction, and plays an essential role in improving overall standards of living and economic stability. While education is a basic human right, access to education in rural areas is substantially lower than urban areas. Furthermore, education that does exist in rural areas is of categorically poorer quality than in urban areas, and high levels of illiteracy persist. On top of that, a gender gap characterizes education in Sierra Leone, with far fewer females being educated than their male counterparts.

Zion Ministries believes in youth educational development in and around Bo, and work to ensure that they have the education necessary to lead a productive, happy and healthy life.

Zion Ministries’ holistic approach strives to encompass intellect, love and health in its education approach in all of its schools.

  • Nursery & Primary Schools

  • Zion Nursery School

    Zion Primary

    Bandawa Nursery & Primary School

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